E2 UI Environment

The E2 UI Environment is my own project for backend/frontend interactivity in which the user has a simulated OS environment that has windows, menus, icons, and similar activities as any “application”

The objective of E2 project is to provide a easy way to the user to manage “applications” inside of the real application, such an backend administrative panel or other similars.

It is very green now, but I intend to mix many techiques and UI tools as possible to enhance the experience of the user on the solution of tasks through its “applications”

The E2 UI project

You can visit http://e2.tbogard.com to experiment its very basic features:

  • Theme Roller
  • Wallpaper Roller

I intend later on to add:

  • Drop Down Menu on window/Desktop Area
  • Toolbars on Window
  • Desktop apps
  • Ajax interactivity
  • secondary UI elements accordingly to needs specified by the final user
  • Maximize/Minimize/Restore/Close features for windows
  • Log out Timer / battery
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