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Japanese food at Kumo Sushi Japanese cuisine in Brooklyn, NY

I had the pleasure to eat many times on this restaurant. I don’t usually do reviews of oriental food restaurants, but in the case of Kumo, I want to do an exception because their food, excellent attention and fair prices are a very good deal.


It is not so far from Cortelyou Road Station, its about a block from there going to Coney Island avenue.

Menu, Prices and Attention

Their prices are fair and the attention is excellent. The waitress are very kind and warm and at the minimum sign of the client they go to attend you. Their menu is very wide : soups, salads, hot appetizers, sushi appetisers as well bar entries and sushi a la carte, tempura, katsu, teriyaki, donburi, hibachi, udon… its quite extensive to write :3

The prices are very fair : from $8 to $15 for any dishes and up to $20 when you order sushi specials. You can see what they cook, the chefs does not have nothing to hide to the clients, so you can see how they cook  while you wait your order.

Today I went to eat my favorite food : Udon Shrimp with fried green-tea ice-cream. Each shrimp has  a nice size, the vegetables are very fresh and give to the soup a very kind flavor. In case you need something the waitress watch over what you need very carefully (in my case I got a wet towel to refresh my face, the udon was kinda hot).

Ambient and Area

They play very soft music creating a very warm environment. Each table is decorated with candles and soft lights making this a correct place to have a date (I wish my wife were here to eat together, it is also very romantic, sometimes they decorate the place with roses!). The heating this winter is excellent, you will feel it when you enter to the restaurant, so there is no worries about the place. The place is very well decorated with shaded lamps on the ceiling, frames and plants.

There are large areas where you can have a nice meeting with your friends as well single tables if you go and eat by yourself. It is quite big, so consider it if you go with your family and friends to eat their food.


From 1 to 5 I can give 4 since it is my first restaurant review. I love oriental food (specially korean and japanese food), and of course I just touch the tip of what the restaurant can offer to you. The food is EXCELLENT, so you can pay over from $10 to $14 for a nice lunch or dinner.

If you want to know more details, visit their website :

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