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Preparing for Irene Hurricane : Easy Tips a New Yorker should follow

I live in Brooklyn, nearby Prospect Park. I have my fun times riding my bike around this place :D But sadly this weekend wont be the same like always…

After being hitten by a earthquake last tuesday, now we face a new difficulty… this 26, 27 and may be 28 of august may not be a good weekend for everyone. As you may know, the Hurricane Irene is visiting New York and we need to be prepared good enough. The pronostic says is a Category 1 Hurricane with a average speed of 86 MP/H (138.4 KM/H) and advance at an speed of 14 to 20 miles per hour. Of course I will try to record what happen over the area….

Watching the comments in many diaries, my concern about security and planning is getting hype this evening. So as a any average new yorker, it is good to keep in mind the following security tips (just in case things goes wrong):

  1. Evaluate routes to shelters: As you may know, cars may not allowed to be parked on the streets in order to make ambulances, fire cars and other emergency services go over the streets with certain freedom. So it is a good idea to look possible shelters nearby your home.
  2. No beach : If you are of the extreme guys that likes high tides for your surf table, this time is not even recomendable to go any of the beaches located over the New York and New Jersey area. Don’t look for a stupid death, look for the security of a safe place you can stay while the hurricane give us a visit.
  3. Clean your yard: If you have a mess in your yard and backyard, you need to act right away. Avoid keeping small toys, bikes and any kind of plastic toy, and save it in your basement. Think in others : you wouldn’t ask to your neighbors about your children’s toys in every house around you. May be a very unpleasant experience.
  4. Watch your windows : Even if it is small, move your furniture and avoid the window as well you can. A category 1 Hurricane can easily deliver to your window the trash you neighbor forgot to send last week. (check number 3).
  5. Food, water, batteries, radio and electronics : Keep an eye on the weather reports, and keep a supplies of water and food for one week. Batteries can be very important to keep yourself informed about new events related to the hurricane, evacuation notices and other very important information. Keep also charged all your electronic devices before the hurricane strikes.
  6. Money : Addicted to debit and credit cards? this time you may need cash in case the banking system just got black out. Keep in your pocket about $300 bucks, for your basic needs. It is not for going Macy’s and buy fancy stuff…
  7. Transportation : Keep a weekly card ready if you have access to MTA to ride BUS, NOT METRO!. Keep in mind that delays will happen over the time the hurricane pass over NY area. Also it is very advisable to avoid ride on metro since the railways may be blocked by trash delivered by courtesy of the hurricane.
  8. Security First! : Keep in mind that your safety and the safety of others starts with you. Do the correct thing and don’t play the hero : We have our cops and firemans doing their best over the time the hurricane hits ground. Call 911 if your situation just go beyond of your control and find a safe place asap. Keep always your cellphone nearby you fully charged.

Now that the hurricane comes to NY, I pray for the safety of everyone here. Please Heavenly Father protect our beloved ones and our houses, and let us continue forward against our difficulties. Amen, Aju

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